Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Pregnancy and a Healthy Baby

Being pregnant and being an expected mother can be a wonderful time for both you and the family, but its not without its concerns and its worries. As an expected mother you are warned that there are foods that you shouldn’t eat while you are pregnant, and sometimes that information can be a little overwhelming. This article will help you in knowing the types of foods that you should avoid while you are pregnant.

Majority of expected mothers already know that consumption of alcohol, is a big no-no during pregnancy, as there are many consequences, as a result. However, there are some that think just having one every once in a while is okay, but they might be shocked to discover that it too is harmful to the baby. Drinking just even one or two drinks during the beginning stages of the pregnancy, can really affect the development of the baby and be quite harmful to your growing child. The consequence could be quite major, and your baby may end up with fetal alcohol syndrome. Alcohol is a beverage that is really off limit while you are pregnant.

Coffee and caffeine is also something that is strongly advised not to drink while you are pregnant. All though you might be surprised to that there are some doctors, who only say that you should limit your intake, but not take it out all together. This is something that you should consider yourself and speak to your doctor, if you want to drink coffee and caffeine during the day and only consume one, every once in a while.

Any types of foods that is really highly processed, like deli meats, is something that you should be avoiding. Other foods such as raw eggs, undercooked meat, and anything that is high in mercury, (this is usually found in fish). These types of foods you will find are quite high in fat, and produce to much calories for your pregnancy and should be really avoided. As these may help you put on more pounds than you were expected to put on.

There are other foods as well, that spur on your cravings while you are pregnant, especially foods that have very high carbohydrate levels. However, you should note that going on a low carb diet is also a big no no, while you are pregnant as that can be harmful to the baby as well. Having to much carbohydrates means, that you body can have an insulin reaction, which increases the cravings while you are pregnant. Women who do change their level of carbohydrate intake notice a big improvement in how they look and feel.

There are many different foods that you should have during your pregnancy and food groups that you should be avoiding. This will help you go a long way in having a healthy and happy pregnancy. The Trim Pregnancy Guide, will provide you with the extra information that you need in regards to the food groups that you should be avoiding while you are pregnant.

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